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On the Influence of Mentors

Today’s re-blog is a purely delightful (and, subtly powerful) essay :-)

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DEanna Benjamin Deanna Benjamin

By Deanna Benjamin

I’ve always wanted a mentor, but I’ve never had one, not like Socrates was to Plato or Emerson to Thoreau. This can mean one of two things. Either my work appalls and repels or (because I can’t bear to believe I can’t write) I plain don’t need a mentor. I don’t mean to sound flippant or priggish. It’s just that maybe I’m one of those students, the ones I always want to mentor but who never needed mentoring. Like Ada and Allison, Ashley and Aimee, and—oh, what was her name? The one who wrote her semester paper on Waiting for Godot. I can see her so plainly. She was petite with brown hair, wavy and long, and like Allison and Ada, she was going to become a doctor. She wore glasses when she wrote and read and smiled so daintily and laughed so broadly that…

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