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Productivity Apps

Whether you’re a Reader, Writer, or Publisher, there are times you need to boost “Productivity” — today’s re-blog might just help :-)


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, now.

I am all about productivity. All about it. In my youth, I was all about the latest and greatest gadgets; now, I’m all about efficiency and getting it done with the bare minimum. In this day and age, you could try a new “productivity” app for every day of the week, so in this post I’ll direct you to what has been tested, tried, and true for me. With minimum effort.

Disclaimer: I’m not the the most in-demand individual around. Hell, I’m not in a demand anywhere! But that’s besides the point. I’m a mother of two. I’m the only driver in the house. I have bills to pay. I work part-time. I get commissioned for my art. I write. Enough said? Where is the time for myself? I’m lucky if I can make it to this blog at…

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