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Publishers & Politicized “Religious” Folk ~ What Happens to the Writers of Conscience?

Imagine if humanity had the political, economic, and technical infrastructures we have today right after Muhammad had passed away… 

Naturally, like much fiction, there will be huge plot-holes in this imagining—–however

Do you think a person who wrote a book about the dangerous character of the Christians and the negative influence of Jesus’ message could be shut out from publishing such a book—that, even if a company wanted to publish it, a “Muslim” group could threaten the publisher into dropping the deal? [might be appropriate to mention that Muhammad praised Jesus...]

Plot-hole—pretty hard to imagine big publishers in the late 600s A.D.

Also, I hear someone saying, “Western Democracy” wasn’t around so religious intimidation had free reign.

Really? “Religious” intimidation sure seems to have free reign nowdoesn’t it?

So, being a devoted fiction writer, I must drop this imagining like a squirming cobra.

The thing is, with all the politicizing of religion and all the dogmatism of various “religious” groups, they all seem to be mad at each other and any combination of acts of intimidation seem possible (leaving the sincere religious folk sweating bullets…).

So, what about that supposed Democracy in the West?

Law and Justice?

Freedom of Expression?

Sorry, folks, the jig’s up—the world is completely confused and the powers that be have reverted to a dangerous childishness; and, Lord knows what’s going to happen

Seriously, I try to stay away from straight-up political musings on this blog, primarily because I’m working as hard as I’m able to promote Unity

Still, since it’s nearly impossible to avoid uncovering some twist of politics in any story, I’ll go ahead with sharing an article that serious writers and readers would do well to study (while, I hope, staying as far away from politics as is humanly possible…).

The article is on the Gatestone Institute‘s site and is called, Western Publishers Submit to Islam.

The title is a play on the word “Islam” since it means “submission” (to God’s Will…).

Consider these leading bullet points from the article:

  • “For criticizing Islam, Hamed Abdel-Samad lives under police protection in Germany and, as with Rushdie, a fatwa hangs over him. After the fatwa come the insults: being censored by a free publishing house. This is what the Soviets did to destroy writers: destroy their books.

  • “At a time when dozens of novelists, journalists and scholars are facing Islamists’ threats, it is unforgivable that Western publishers not only agree to bow down, but are often the first to capitulate.

  • “A Paris court convicted Renaud Camus for “Islamophobia” (a fine of 4,000 euros) for a speech he gave in 2010, in which he spoke of the replacement of the French people under the Trojan horse of multiculturalism. Another writer, Richard Millet, was fired last March by Gallimard publishing house for his ideas on multiculturalism.

  • “Not only did Rushdie’s publishers capitulate; other publishers also decided to break rank and return to do business with Tehran. Oxford University Press decided to take part in the Tehran Book Fair along with two American publishers, McGraw-Hill and John Wiley. Those publishers chose to respond to murderous censorship with surrender.

  • “It is as if at the time of the Nazis’ book-burnings, Western publishers had not only stood silent, but had also invited a German delegation to Paris and New York.”

It may be extremely hard to separate the issue about what publishing companies should be “willing” to do from the nearly completely politicized environment in which they ply their trade.

It’s also rather incredible what supposedly “free”, “democratic” governments are doing to writers and publishers…

I have a tremendous urge to quote the Artificial Intelligence in my short novel:

“Patience is our weapon of choice.”

I’m happy my novel is self-published and can avoid the ridiculous, potential Perils publishers face

Though, I’d welcome any threats any religious or corporate entities would like to level at me and my book—Lord knows I give many of them a close criticism

One last quote from the article:

“Those publishers chose to respond to murderous censorship with surrender, willing to sacrifice freedom of expression on the altar of business as usual: selling books was more important than solidarity with threatened colleagues.”

One small set of last thoughts:

Where does “freedom of expression” end and completely improper trash-talk begin?

When is it ever proper to respond with vicious threats when you’ve been subjected to completely improper trash-talk?

Does it seem impossible for rational spirituality to have the freedom to mount its unimpeded presentations on the World’s bright and gory stage?

When will most folks realize that an armed fight between materialism and religiosity will never lead to the peaceful co-existence of the Corporate and Spiritual worlds?

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