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On Being an Imperfect Reader by Rivka Genesen

This re-blog was fascinating for me to read—especially this line from teacher/librarian, Rivka Genesen:

“I read to struggle rather than to escape.”

Somehow, very apt on this Sept. 11th in the U. S. A….

Nerdy Book Club

“What can I help you with?” I asked in my usual way one of those Sundays I worked the desk in the children’s room. The girl in front of me said simply: “Fantasy books.” The look in her eyes was familiar- the subtle fire of wonder. I’d watched it catch as I’d helped a mother and her son find a good fantasy series as this girl sans parent waited patiently for her turn. “Oh yeah,” I said, “What fantasy books have you read and liked?” The answer was as quick as the question: “I haven’t read any.” I handed her A Wrinkle In Time. “Get excited! This is just the beginning!” As she walked away I smugly thought of how lucky it is to introduce kids to a great book, to help someone navigate their curiosity. And then, an awakening: I hadn’t actually read A Wrinkle in Time

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