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Writing Reality Check

Today’s re-blog is a sane, balanced expression of writing-tenacity :-)

Live to Write - Write to Live

turtle photo (1)A couple of weeks ago I read a blog post on The Huffington Post that helped me take a step back from my To-Do List (you all know how much I love my to-do lists!) and take a deep breath.

My priorities right now are family (which includes my health and wellbeing as well as my family’s), then coaching, then writing. This is intentional—it’s exactly the way I want it to be.

I continue to work on my writing every day. But the steps I take are sometimes very small–what Martha Beck calls turtle steps. I’ve written about this before but it’s come up again because of this article and my realization (again!) that I’m not going to write 100,000 words this year.

If I write a sentence or a paragraph, I’m happy. I think about writing a lot, and I really enjoy the time I get to sit and…

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