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#ShareYourShelf: Bookseller Edition

Today’s re-blog shows Nine extremely different Bookshelf Situations, with images :-)


Every shelf is different and every bookshelf tells a different story. Writer and historian Lydia Pyne finds bookshelves to be holders not just of books but of so many other things: values, vibes, and verbs that can be contained and displayed in the buildings and rooms of contemporary human existence. To celebrate our 2/18 event with Lydia for her book Bookshelf, we asked our booksellers shared their own shelves.

Chapter 1: Demi 


“Out of many bookshelves in the house I share with two literature PhD students, one cat, and one dog, this is the one that has most of our kids’ books. (All of our signed books are together on a shelf in our living room, so there are a handful of kids’ books there too.) And since I read the most kids’ books…most of these are mine. I’m most proud of my advance readers’ editions of THE THICKETY series by…

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