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Need A Way to Get Personalized E-book Recommendations?

Well, I’ve got my old laptop working well enough to begin doing regular posts again…

BookBub - E-book Discovery

Image Courtesy of Julia Freeman-Woolpert ~

And, today’s is specifically for e-book lovers ( more for print book lovers down the road :-)

I’ve got a suspicion that many of you already know about the service I’ll be reviewing here.

I was reminded about it again in an article on Boston.comCambridge-based startup helps readers browse books in the digital world.

The site is BookBub.

Excerpt from

“’We are fundamentally a book discovery site…Most of what we do is e-book related. When readers sign up we offer them discounts on e-books.’

“Schanker and his team work with publishers, who pitch different e-book discounts and deals on their books. BookBub reviews those deals and decides which ones to include on its site.

“BookBub then sends free personalized emails to each of its 8 million members each day with different deals based on the types of books the person prefers.

“’As a result of our emails, our members purchase millions of books every month and they discover thousands of new authors every day’, Schanker said. The deals are basically just ways to get new book titles into the hands of people who otherwise might not have found them.”

And, you can personalize your experience by choosing different book Categories, Authors, and even Distinct Retailers.

I found the offerings for my preference selections to be on target; and, there were lots of offerings…

Also, you can set up email alerts for your favorite authors’ purchase deals.

Plus, some of the author deals are free e-books :-)

Finally, there are many links about how to get Self-published books featured on BookBub

It will cost a bit to get a book on the site; and, they’re fairly “picky”; but, one of my best sources about self-publishing says getting one’s work on BookBub is very much worth it…
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