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10 Strategies to Help a Reticent Reader Love to Read by Susie Rolander

Today’s re-blog is Serious Medicine for extremely challenged readers…

Nerdy Book Club

“Do we have to read?”  “I am bad at reading.”  “I don’t like reading!” exclaims my 9-year old daughter, Charlie.  Horror! I LOVE to read.  Reading is my life.  I am a reading specialist at PS234, an adjunct professor at Bank Street College, and a literacy consultant.  How could my own daughter have such negative feelings about reading?  First, my daughter has Dyslexia.  Reading has always been hard for her, no, excruciating for her.  Reading is where she doesn’t feel smart.  Now chess…that’s another story.  Reminds me of Ally Nickerson from Fish in a Tree.  (You HAVE to read that book, by the way.)

This fall I realized something.  Just because she has Dyslexia doesn’t mean she has to hate reading.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve read to her since she was 7 months old.  (Can you figure that out?  Why not since she was in the womb?  She…

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