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Across the Water: Feeding Readers Wherever They Are by Valerie Stein

Today’s re-blog is an endearing story about a dedicated teacher/publisher connecting across an ocean with a very special teen reader :-)

Nerdy Book Club

This is my second school year retired from the position I held for many years running the PreK-8 library at a small independent school north of Seattle, Washington. I still sub there, and visit for special events. It’s been home to me for more than half my teaching career, and I feel great pride in the legacy of service and love of reading I left behind.

Working alone in my home as a writer and publisher these days, there is one thing I miss desperately, and that’s putting books into the hands of readers. I miss the interchange over a book, the excitement of celebrating new releases, of reading a picture book aloud to a group of youngsters for the first time, and perfecting the timing so that we all get even more from it the fifth or sixth time. I miss that moment when a book goes from being…

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