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STEM Girls – Ten Books Featuring Girls Rocking Science by Nancy Castaldo

Today’s re-blog deals with women and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math…

Nerdy Book Club

Yes, I was a science geek.  I was a girl who looked under rocks, couldn’t wait for dissections in biology class, and was the president of my college science club. That didn’t mean I didn’t love to read, like most girls. I did. In fact, I entered college as a duel Bio/English major. It wasn’t until sophomore year I changed to Bio/Chem.

The fact is that many girls love to read and, traditionally, have been encouraged to head into the humanities. The majority of boys love to take things apart and do science experiments. Both are fine, but here are ten books that feature girls rocking science. We need more books that challenge stereotypes and we need to encourage girls to enter STEM fields. And even if they don’t, they need to see that they can!

These are titles boys will enjoy too. These books are for any curious kid…

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