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What Makes Someone a “Lifelong Reader”?

I’ve dealt with children and reading quite a bit on this blog… 

But, personally, it’s fascinating that neither of my parents were avid readers—they read what they had to read, for work, for their religion—I never saw them reading just to read

But, my sister does read this blog and, if I’m wrong, perhaps she could correct me in the comments :-)

Maybe they were both devoted readers before they began a family; but, I don’t think I had any overt encouragement in my home to become an avid reader—it appears I had an innate desire to become not only an omnivorous reader but also a writer

So, what does it take to encourage kids to make reading an activity that’s more than “have-to“?

While scanning the news on-line, I ran across an article on a Detroit, Michigan TV News site written by a retired teacher—Adopt These Habits to Make Your Kids Lifelong Readers.

I’ll list the bullet-point topics here and leave it to the concerned reader to take the link and read all the Whys and Hows (And, some folks, adults who don’t read as much as they’d like, could pick up a tip or two from the article…):

Start reading with your child immediately

Read at all different times of day

Have different people in your family read to your child

Don’t stop reading to your kid once (s)he learns how to read independently

Always pair the reading with cuddles and love

Read when your child is already in a good mood

Don’t have any books around? No problem. Environmental reading is just as good

Integrate your reading into real-life experiences

Read with lots of expression in your voice

Go back, page by page, and look at the illustrations or photos

Ask your child questions

Buy good books

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