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Grammar-ease: “Should have” vs “Should of”

Short but informative re-blog today :-)

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This is a quick grammar post.

It’s simple: “should have” and its contraction “should’ve” are correct.  As are “would have” (would’ve) and “could have” (could’ve).


Incorrect: “should of”; “could of”; “would of”; “shoulda”; “woulda”; “coulda”

  • I should have (should’ve) left earlier to avoid traffic.
  • He could have (could’ve) told her he was on his way so she wouldn’t leave.
  • She would have (would’ve) brought a snack if she knew there was no food.
  • I could’ve won that race if I had trained more!
  • He should’ve had a V-8 for breakfast instead of a donut.
  • She would’ve gone to the movies if she didn’t have to work.


Happy writing!

What other grammar topics or tips would you like to see?

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