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A Writer’s Guide to Defamation and Invasion of Privacy

Well, I survived one more day—long enough to post this re-blog of great value…

Tribalmystic Stories

I found this gem on Writer’s Digest. I am writing a memoir and I asked the question, “who will you hurt when you write?” in an earlier post. I think this article by Attorney Amy Cook answers that question in some aspects. 

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A Writer’s Guide to Defamation and Invasion of Privacy

by Amy Cook

A memoir is your story, but of course it will involve many other people. Most of us have not led completely charmed lives. Everyone has ups and downs, and those who write memoirs usually have had mountains and valleys—that’s what makes them so interesting. Recent bestselling memoirs are replete with addiction, abuse, homelessness and triumph over these adversities. But do the other people in your story want theirs told? Are there elements that might be embarrassing to them? Will their memories be in sync with yours?

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5 responses to “A Writer’s Guide to Defamation and Invasion of Privacy

  1. juliecroundblog July 2, 2016 at 9:47 am

    I considered writing an autobiography and then realised I couldn’t as it might upset a lot of people. Things that I had kept to myself for years might explain my actions but would surprise those I love.
    This medium makes us tell more to strangers than we may have done to relatives in the past.
    In some ways that communication can be good, but, in the wrong hands, how much anguish it can cause.
    Thank you for sharing with us and I do hope you can overcome what ails you.


  2. dgkaye July 5, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    Great article. I came across this post about a year ago. As a memoir writer, it a cautionary tale. I hope you are doing better Alex. :)


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