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Author Interview ~ Sarah K. L. Wilson

Today’s post will be the 11th in the series of Wattpad Author Interviews.

And, it brings the total of this blog’s Author Interviews to 73.

I’ll very proud to have the author interviewed here today—she completely blew me away with her book, The Ex-Pacifist (which I read on Wattpad).

And, to warm you up for the interview, I’m compelled to let you read the blurb for that book of Sarah’s that blew me away:

Killing a man always has its price – even when it’s in self-defense.

Poised to begin a promising career as an ambassador, sixteen-year-old pacifist Vera Matsumoto – cousin to the Emperor of Blackwatch- journeys to the world of Nagara where the flowers bloom all year long.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Roman Aldrin saw his family and home destroyed before his eyes, was conscripted into the Blackwatch Marines and forced into the guardian program.

But when Vera breaks the draconian Matsumoto Dynasty’s cardinal rule and kills a man in self-defense, her only way back to the life she’s always wanted is an impossible mission. Her only ally is Roman, assigned to be her bodyguard.

Can Roman and Vera solve the mystery of her cousin’s disappearance and expose the secrets of the backwater planet of Capricornia in time, or will Vera be forced to pay the ultimate price for her crime?

Intriguing and immersive, The Ex-Pacifist is an other-worldly adventure that is sure to entertain and to challenge readers’ own ideas about disillusionment.

Let’s welcome Sarah K. L. Wilson Sarah K. L. Wilson ~ Author


O.K., we’ll start with why you write.

I love stories. I love writing stories that make my own heart pound or that I still laugh at when I reread them. I want my audience to feel and live and breathe with the characters in the story; but, I also want them to think about their own lives and presuppositions through the lens of the story. I write because it’s what I was made to do. It’s my highest calling.

Would you say you write in a particular genre?

Well, I only write speculative fiction; but, I can’t seem to limit myself to just one of the genres within that classification. I have a YA science fiction trilogy, a Canadian historical fiction stand-alone novel, and right now I’m working on the first book in a series of post-apocalyptic satire.

Whoa, that last genre sounds fascinating :-)

The Ex-Pacifist So, Sarah, your books are available in more places than Wattpad, right? 

Belly of this Great Land Absolutely. I do keep my new projects drafting on Wattpad, though, so people can come behind the curtain and enjoy the ride with me (for free…). My historical fiction novel , Belly of this Great Land, is available on multiple e-book platforms as well as on my website. The first of my young adult books, The Ex-Pacifist, is free on my website (and, on Amazon). The other two in that trilogy are coming out in July. I’m very excited for their release. I’ll be releasing the boxed set of them in August; and, I’m planning a contest for August so that ten lucky people can win the set. I actually have a little “secret” regarding that—I think I  have another YA author lined up to add her book set to that contest so the winners will get double the fun! The Matsumoto Trilogy

How do folks get in on that contest, Sarah?

Just join my mailing list and I’ll let you know as soon the contest is live so you can enter.

Would you say you’ve taken any big risks with your writing this year?

Have I ever! This year I finally released all my available titles. By September that means I’ll have four books released to the public. On top of that, I shelled out a lot of money to take a Facebook Ads for Authors course from Mark Dawson over at Self Publishing Formula. If you haven’t listened to their podcast you really should. They interview lots of big indie authors as well as providing tips that can help writers at any stage in the process. I love it!

How’s the course going so far?

I’m about 70% of the way through it. I’ve learned a lot and come away with quite a few strategies for selling my work and I’ve started my first Facebook ad campaign. Keep your eyes open, maybe you’ll see one of my ads!

Well, Sarah, we know you write on Wattpad; but, what’s that like for you?

I originally joined Wattpad to create a reader platform, but it hasn’t worked well for me in that regard. What it has been great for is getting excellent feedback on my work and learning marketing in a risk-free environment. I’ve met some great people, read some fantastic books, and really enjoyed the community.

Any final thoughts for our readers, Sarah?

If you have read my work I want to say a big “Thank You“. Authors are always saying, “It’s thanks to you that I get to write”, so it sounds cheesy now, but it’s actually true. Without readers, writers are nothing but a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear We need you, the reader, and I am grateful for that relationship. I have bad days like anyone. Sometimes I doubt my calling. On those days I’ll get a new mailing list subscriber, or a note from a reader, and it will make it all worth it, all over again. Thank you!

If we haven’t met and you’d like to talk, drop me a line. Let’s become friends! I love talking books and writing.

Thanks, so much, Sarah, for taking time from your extremely busy schedule to do this interview :-)


So, dear reader, now’s the perfect time to ask Sarah a question (or, two) in the Comments…

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9 responses to “Author Interview ~ Sarah K. L. Wilson

  1. Jane Watson June 17, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Wow, Sarah, congratulations on your amazing writing output and congratulations on just about the most compelling metaphor I have ever heard from a writer describing their relationship with readers:

    “…Without readers, writers are nothing but a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear…” :-)

    I agree with Alex, that the blurb for ‘The Ex-Pacifist’ is wonderful, you really had me with the last word “disillusionment”, not sure I have read too many works about disillusionment but it sure is something I would like to understand better.

    I do have one question, however, which I hope is not too probing. You say: “…I originally joined Wattpad to create a reader platform, but it hasn’t worked well for me in that regard…” would it be possible for you to elaborate a little on that?

    Thanks for the interview :-)


    • sarahklwilson June 18, 2016 at 10:38 am

      Thank you do much for your kind words. I’m glad that you enjoyed the interview. I was so delighted to be asked to give it.
      In answer to your question, I joined wattpad hoping to form a strong fan base, and while I’ve collected some great readers (25k reads on The Ex-Pacifist) and a large wattpad following (10k wattpad followers) very few of them (about 20) have been willing to join my mailing list, which is what I what I would consider to be true fans. :)


      • sarahklwilson June 18, 2016 at 4:33 pm

        My apologies for typos, etc. I’m out of the country this weekend and pressed for time with a spotty internet connection. I’ll come back and give a full reply when I am home again. :)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Alexander M Zoltai June 18, 2016 at 7:12 pm

          Looking forward to it :-)


          • sarahklwilson June 20, 2016 at 1:14 pm

            Thank you for your patience! I’m back in the world of wi-fi connections again. Thanks for the interview, Alexander. You made me look so professional! And thank you for your question, Jane! I love wattpad. From my time on it I’ve been gifted a few dedicated readers whose feedback is outstanding and whose friendship is invaluable. I was hoping that I would create a real buzz on wattpad for my paid work, which is what I found disappointing, but the other benefits of strong critique and fantastic support could never be replaced. I’m so grateful for that. Overall it has been a great social media experience for me.


            • Alexander M Zoltai June 20, 2016 at 2:03 pm


              You ARE professional, Sarah :-)


            • Jane Watson June 21, 2016 at 10:35 am

              Thanks for your detailed reply Sarah :-) I think you do a great job in promoting your work, in the most professional manner. You know you can send out a private email message from Wattpad to a huge number of people, which I think may be just as powerful as emailing them on a separate list. Emails often go into spam folders, some people don’t get around to reading all their emails, but I bet that the users of Wattpad make sure they read all their Wattpad messages – so in other words what I’m suggesting is don’t overlook the power of a new form of message :-) You never know where your true followers are actually lurking….and I am sure you will have many true followers :-)

              Liked by 1 person

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