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Time for a proper post—this fine re-blog………

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Shelby Larson responds to Diane Lowman’sAm I a Writer or Imposter?”:

x shelby Larson.JPG Shelby Larson and Friend

I myself have contemplated the merits of calling myself a writer.

It is a title that doesn’t have the same prerequisites the way that “doctor,” “engineer,” “accountant,” and “entrepreneur” do. It’s one I don’t think I’ve properly earned.

From a young age, I didn’t trip over written words the way I did spoken ones. I didn’t turn red when I wrote down my opinion, and I never had to think of what to say when I had pen to paper.

Writing solved problems for me as a child. Being painfully shy, I turned red and mumbled each time a teacher or an adult would look at me. I couldn’t properly express myself verbally, but through writing I could find the words that I desperately needed to say to people.

It was something I…

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