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How Nerd Camp Transformed My Teaching by Holly Schlan

How cool is this—a re-blog about “Nerd Camp” :-)

Nerdy Book Club

BNC (Before Nerd Camp):

I would like to think that before I attended Nerd Camp I was a pretty good teacher. I loved my students and wanted them to love learning. I differentiated instruction and taught them based on their needs. I was a pioneer in integrating technology for student reflection and engagement. I searched Pinterest for every new activity I could find for teaching my students in creative ways. Most importantly, my students were gaining knowledge and showing great progress. I know I was a good teacher. But it was my experience at Nerd Camp that helped me understand that I was still missing something HUGE.

DNC (During Nerd Camp):

Nerd Camp was an amazing experience, and I don’t think anyone who has attended would say otherwise. Throughout a packed two days, you are mingling with some of the best authors and illustrators of our time, making connections with…

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