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Confessions of a Nonfiction Nerd by Winifred Conkling

Today’s re-blog shows how close fiction and non-fiction can be…

Nerdy Book Club

Conkling_Radioactive_jkt_rgb_2MBI’m a nonfiction nerd. I love fiction, too (of course), but, for me, nothing compares to the satisfaction of discovering a book that reads like great fiction – a story with character development, a well-matched antagonist, plot twists, dramatic arc, climax — made even more astonishing because the events are all true.

As a writer, I delight in identifying topics that lend themselves to narrative nonfiction. I love sleuthing for the perfect anecdotes, pithy quotes, and details that bring a subject to life. After a long day of digging through source material, I look forward to sharing all the bits of trivia I have unearthed in my research. Unfortunately, rather than appreciating my enthusiasm, those who share the dinner table with me often find my excitement a bit bewildering. I start out, “Did you know…” and my kids immediately stop listening and say to one another, “Mom’s been writing again.”

It’s immensely rewarding to uncover a specific anecdote that brings…

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