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But I Do Read: Lessons in Pop Culture from a Teenage Girl by Colleen Pennell

Today’s re-blog reminds us that a person’s reading can always advance in complexity and value, no matter what kind of reading they start with…

Nerdy Book Club

Sheepishly, I admit that my daughter was once a reluctant reader.  Anxiety ridden, I tried everything to foster motivation: incentive charts (yes, I know better), I Read – You Read strategies, library trips, you name it.  Heck, I even made sure to use growth mindset prompts that breed motivation (You should be so proud of yourself for reading those 10 minutes!) Shamefully, nothing stuck.  Here I was, a Reading Specialist, and I struggled to motivate my own daughter to independently read her nightly 20 minutes without a battle ensuing. Thankfully, an innocuous trip to the grocery store helped shift this trajectory.  Indeed, it was in aisle seven of the Pick N Save, where my eight-year old spied the makings of a lazy Sunday afternoon: magazines and candy.  Armed with a pack of Nerds and Pop Star! magazine, her self-empowered reading journey was officially launched.

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There are girls everywhere who, like…

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