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Fiction isn’t easier…it’s BETTER.

Today’s re-blog is from one of my friends on Wattpad — You should check out her other writings —> @sarahklwilson

Sarah K. L. Wilson

I read an article on how fiction is valuable to expose our flaws and uncover our truths because it’s easier to read so people are more likely to engage than they are with philosophical treatises. That’s true, and of course I take no issue with it, but it want to say very clearly that fiction is not just easier… it’s better.
We’re made to understand life through stories. Stories help us to understand not just the argument, but the emotions behind it and the relational consequences of it. Fiction lets us live a thousand possibilities vicariously and if we live them well we have the chance to do better in our own lives. It’s like saving your game and then trying something crazy in the full knowledge that you can always go back if you ‘die’ and try again. Why settle for reasoned treatise when you can get all that…

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