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The Plotting Grid: a Tool for Plotters and Pantsers

Today’s re-blog is a DIY project that just might solve a bunch of problems for serious writers…

Kobo Writing Life

by Chris Mandeville

A “plotting grid” is a physical chart used to lay out the components of a story in a visual way. It often looks a lot like this:

plotting grid This is a photo of the actual ratty old plotting grid I use.

The plotting grid can be useful to anyone at any stage of writing. For writers who like to plot out their stories (“plotters”), the grid is a great tool for charting the storyline before drafting, and again during revisions. For those who write “by the seat of the pants” without plotting first (“pantsers”), the grid can be invaluable when the first draft is complete and the writer is assessing character arcs and plot lines for cohesiveness.

The plotting grid is also a powerful tool when any writer —plotter or pantser— gets stuck, whether that’s during brainstorming, plotting, drafting, or revising. It’s great for illuminating gaps and inconsistencies…

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2 responses to “The Plotting Grid: a Tool for Plotters and Pantsers

  1. Adrian G Hilder April 28, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Yep, I get that once I looked carefully and saw that the four rows matched up to the four primary phases of story structure. I have a document that lays out that sort of information for my story with chapter structure and layers weaved into it. It is then a great framework from writing a synopsis. But the magic of organically writing – the narrative flow – needs to be allowed to change what is pre-planned sometimes.

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