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MY STORYBOOK LIFE by Kathy Anne Cowie

Today’s re-blog is a family-reading-memoir <— very Cool :-)

Nerdy Book Club

I was born into a reading family. I did not know until I was older what a gift this was, or how rare. There were seven of us – two parents, five kids – and we each had our own passions when it came to reading. Dad read the newspaper and a variety of magazines that were never at risk for poaching (Popular Mechanics, Organic Gardening, the Burpee Seed Catalog); Mom read thick, crinkle-covered novels from the library, kept in towering piles on the night table by her bed. My three older brothers sometimes passed down their books to me, so I read Encyclopedia Brown, The Hardy Boys, and A Wrinkle in Time. The best school days were Book Fairs or when the Scholastic flyers were passed down the aisle. Filled with the exact change and the form cut carefully on the dotted line…

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