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You Are a #Storyteller and You Can Change Lives . . .

When I was growing up, I’d often heard, “Everyone has a novel in them.”.

If you think my punctuation in that last sentence is wrong [ .”. ], I could beg to differ with you; but, that’s another post

Still, I’m a writer and storyteller; but, being a blogger has lots more freedom—freedom of expression, and of punctuation

So, whether you have a novel in you or not, I still maintain that you’re a storyteller.

It’s really hard to not be a storyteller—even simple questions like “How was your day?” can inducing storytelling.

So, why did I choose that image of the man with his mouth taped shut?

Partly because of all the oppression in the world (which I’ve told stories about) but also because “How was your day?” could, if a person is encouraged, turn into a real, publishable story—the thing is, folks, especially those little ones we call “kids”, are usually not encouraged enough—at times they seem like we’ve put tape over their mouths—or, hearts

However, there are many ways to tell a story.

Part of a comment on a post I did about two years ago (Harnessing the Power of Narrative for Social Change), went like this:

“…many people have watched the video on news channels of Tara the cat saving her 4 year old owner from a vicious dog attack. The video told a story that was compelling and amazing and moving. It made a point through story about badly brought up, untrained dogs. It was more powerful than any sermon.”

Here’s that one minute video:

That’s one way to tell a story

Plus, that incident could be the impetus for a short story (or, a novel…).

Well, what about the title of this post—You Are A Storyteller and You Can Change Lives . . .?

Perhaps you’ll agree you tell stories like the answer to the question, “How was your day?”; but, “Change Lives”…?

Telling someone else about your day, if you tell it from your heart, can change their life.

Try it sometime………

And, as far as helping kids do this, check out The Telling Room.

Also, you may want to watch this video with Susan Conley, one of the co-founders of The Telling Room. It could change your mind about storytelling

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