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Ten Realizations I’ve Had or Remembered while Reading Aloud to Middle Schoolers this Year by Wendy Falconer Gassaway

Today’s re-blog is about teachers reading Aloud to students — BUT — it could be about you reading Aloud to your children — OR — you and a friend reading Aloud to each other :-)

Nerdy Book Club

My school has gotten away from the whole-class novel study in recent years, but I still wanted to read aloud to my 7th and 8th grade intervention classes, simply for the joy of sharing a good book.  I pulled a bunch of great titles off the shelf and had each class vote on which one they wanted to hear.  A few weeks into the project, it became clear that I was doing some things right.  I also had realized some of my mistakes.  This list attempts to clarify my hard-earned understanding of what it takes to engage students in a read-aloud while maintaining your sanity.

  1.   If you read the same book in multiple classes, or repeat the same book(s) from year to year, your growing familiarity with the basic plot will  allow you to notice more and more about the author’s technique, which in turn will let you highlight foreshadowing…

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