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Thinking Critically, Thinking Positively by Corinne Duyvis

Ever wondered why there aren’t more books with disabled folk in them?

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Nerdy Book Club

As a kid, I wrote princess tales. As a preteen, short stories. As a teen, hundreds of thousands of words in fandom. Now, as an adult, I’ve written enough novels to lose track.

It’s one of the upsides of being autistic—when I go for something, I go for it. Even if I don’t always succeed, I push myself to do better, and to take full advantage of the versatility and freedom within the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

One key element of that is to think critically.

When I wrote for fun, it was just that: fun. Nothing’s wrong with that. But I would write certain sentences and think, Is this the right way? I’d write certain scenes and think, Something is missing. Sometimes I would slog through the writing, but never questioned what, precisely, made it so difficult at that time.

Eventually, I glanced at how others handled similar sentences…

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