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Finding the Right Kind of Espresso in Paris

Actually the kind of espresso I’m talking about can also be found in Sacramento, California.

Espresso Book Machine

Writers can publish their own books using the Espresso Book Machine at the MSU Library.

Or, New York City or Darien, Connecticut or many other places

This espresso won’t make you jittery or power an all-night reading session.

But, it will print books

I wrote about it in my past post, Should We All Self-Publish A Book?

And, I only thought about it as making self-publishing more accessible.

Now, though, it’s helping a very small bookstore in Paris prepare to offer an astounding number of books

It’s the Espresso Book Machine.

And, Publishing Perspectives let me know that Paris’ PUF Bookstore Reopens With Print-on-Demand.

Excerpting from their article:

“In 1999, Les Presses Universitaires de France (PUF), the 95-year-old publishing house specializing in books on human and social sciences, closed its bookstore located on the Place de La Sorbonne.

“Now, the Associated Press reports, the store has reopened, with a remarkable 3 million titles available for sale in a space of only 72-square meters, or 775 square feet).”

PUF general manager Frederic Meriot says:

“It is a model for the future, a model in which digital and paperback books can work together.”

And, he goes on to say:

“But also in terms of costs for us. We could not have afford[ed] to rent a 600-square-meter (6,450-square-foot) shop like we had in the past.

“With the Espresso Book Machine, we don’t need warehouses to stock the books, we don’t spend money to pulp the already printed that didn’t sell, and it’s also a low-carbon way of making books.”

So, not only can libraries and drugstores and universities help folks self-publish, on the spot—so also can a publisher create a tiny bookstore of their own and offer folks 3 million books, on the spot

Time to watch this special Espresso do its thing :-)

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