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5 Stages: Overcoming Writer Perfectionism #SundayBlogShare #writers

Yes, this is my third re-blog of the day—call it compensation for the Vernal Equinox—call it reprisal against my Ego—call it thanks for still being alive…

Call it what you will; but, enjoy it :-)


Writer Perfectionism

  1. Newbie. You start out writing as a fresh-faced and enthusiastic newbie writer. You merrily send out your work into the world with a smile on your face. In your head it is simply a matter of time before you get spotted by a literary agent or publisher. During this early stage you don’t seem to worry too much about your work because it’s amazing and perfect! Yay!
  2. Realisation of Weaknesses.This stage is where you realise that your writing has weaknesses. It is one of the most emotional and tear jerking stages for any writer. You reach this stage via some stinging feedback, followed by a period of comparing your work to a load of successful high-profile authors, followed by some more painful feedback. The literary penny drops and you realise your writing is not perfect! Aghhhh!
  3. Pursuit of Perfectionism. This is an exhausting stage. As I write this part…

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