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Even Small Town Libraries Can Afford to Self-Publish

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA—population just over 100,000.

Self-publish at the Library

Image Courtesy of Sara Haj-Hassan ~

According to a recent newspaper story, the library in Las Cruces will soon be offering self-publishing services:

“We chose FastPencil for Libraries because it’s easy to use and the end result can be published and sold as a printed book or distributed onto OneClickdigital and be made available to thousands of libraries around the world,” said Renée Payne Frankel, library administrator.”

So, a small town library in the USA is offering print and e-book self-publishing services

I also found a United Kingdom site offering the same services

One more excerpt from the Las Cruces story:

“FastPencil for Libraries is a self-publishing platform for new or established authors to develop and edit works, along with the tools needed to publish.

“Authors can share progress with and get feedback from the FastPencil for Libraries community, friends and relatives.”

Regular readers of this blog may remember that I’ve published two books using FastPencil

In fact, I wrote a post back in 2012 called Publisher Helps Local Libraries Become Community Publishers !

I’ll excerpt myself:

“It’s one thing to walk into a library with your book on a flash-drive and be able to walk out with a printed edition. {author’s note: this is with the Espresso Book Machine}

“It’s something else again to use the library to Design, Publish, and Distribute that book!

“In Print and Digital Format!!

“‘Auto-Graphics has partnered with FastPencil to let local libraries offer these services to You:

  • Connect: Collaborate easily and securely within the content management system and directly connect to publishing and retail industry leaders as well as social networking platforms.
  • Write: Write, edit and manage projects on the web or from any device. Track revisions and version history and work with multiple editors and contributors.
  • Convert: Using the Publishing Setup wizard, convert files into multiple formats for both print books and e-books to prepare for distribution into a variety of channels.
  • Publish: Through the publishing module, directly upload files as a new project or write, convert and publish directly through the content management system. This module provides a unique ISBN number and distributes to hundreds of book retailers.
  • Sell: Access an independent e-commerce and order fulfillment system through FastPencil’s Marketplace. Custom URLs and BookBuy widgets are automatically generated upon publishing to assist with marketing campaigns. Royalty reporting is captured and displayed on a dashboard.’

“Nifty, eh?

“The only thing that could be better is if it weren’t, for now, restricted to the U.S.A.”

But, that U.K. link seems to mean this self-publishing-at-your-local-library is leaking out to the rest of the world :-)
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