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How to write well in a language that isn’t your mother tongue

Since I’ve been reading all types of stories on Wattpad, I’ve met many folks working hard to write in English—makes me wish I knew all their first languages :-)

Nail Your Novel

I’ve had this interesting email:

Since January this year, I’ve been attending writing workshops, and my novel is progressing well. But English isn’t my first language, and I don’t do any creative writing in my day job. I feel I’m struggling. My priority is quality, and I think I need expert help. Should I get an editor? What do you advise? Maria.

babel fish

It’s clear that Maria can express herself fluently – to the extent that she can work in a foreign country. (Certainly not something I could do.) So what’s missing?

I think Maria has already intuited it, which is why she feels stuck. She doesn’t yet have the flair that a fiction reader will be looking for.

Skills, craft and style

I think Maria’s off to a good start, developing her critical skills and craft at writing workshops. But this probably isn’t addressing her writing style.

Funnily enough, she’s…

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2 responses to “How to write well in a language that isn’t your mother tongue

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  2. Alexander M Zoltai March 5, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    de rien


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