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Promoting Literacy by Putting It in World-Crisis-Solving Perspective

The title of this post is certainly a mouthful (and, mindful…). Project Literacy

I was alerted to this initiative on the Co.Create site with their article, “Alphabet Of Illiteracy” Highlights How Reading Can Help Save The World.

An excerpt:

“An A to Z list of world problems that could be eased by being able to read is at the heart of a campaign launched in the U.K….an international initiative to raise public awareness and support for efforts to combat illiteracy.”


“But what immediately struck us was a near total lack of awareness. Ask people to name the world’s top problems and they are far more likely to mention others, like hunger. Yet scratch the surface, and illiteracy is a factor in them all.”

One more:

“The idea was to exploit the power of juxtaposition, according to art director Julia Ferrier. The appeal of a pictorial alphabet lay in the power of contrasting the simplicity of a children’s ABC-style of approach with the stark reality of the global problems illiteracy feeds.”

So, the actual initiative is called Project Literacy.

Among its many international Partner Organizations is one I’ve written about here a number of times—WorldReader.

And, the Alphabet of Illiteracy is an Extremely Powerful Concept

One final excerpt:

“Illiteracy affects over 757 million people worldwide and has an impact on global development. Although it is a largely invisible issue, the repercussions of this can be seen in everyday struggles such as poverty, gender inequality, and access to basic civil rights.”

Naturally, there’s a petition you can sign to support literacy.

And, a video to drive it home

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