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New #SciFi Site ~ Join & Get a #FreeBook :-)

There’s quite a bit of divergence of opinion about the “genre” of my short novel, Notes from An Alien.

My “co-author” (who’s also a character in the story) lets you have your choice between fiction and non-fiction

My Best Friend calls it a Documentary Novel

I think most folks think of it as Sci-Fi, from the title and the fact that folks in the story do fly in spaceships

I think many of the leading characters of the story would call it a Family History

It is for sale but will also always be free

Which brings me to a free sci-fi novel I got the other day. Discover Sci-Fi Contest

It was given to me by a new WebSite—Discover Sci-Fi—all I had to do was give them my email and be willing to receive their newsletter

Perhaps showing you the welcome email I got will be the most efficient way of letting you know what they’re about:

“Discover Sci-Fi is much more than just another discount book website, because it’s coming from us personally—a new breed of science fiction authors who want to forge a closer, direct link with our readers.

“Why does this matter? Because we’re not just promoting books, we own the books, so we’re able to offer unique deals you won’t find anywhere else, sneak peaks and inside looks, and offer direct access to the inner thoughts of some of today’s bestselling science fiction writers. Not to mention amazing monthly contests for stuff you won’t find on any other site.

“We’d like to extend a very personal thank you for joining from Matthew Mather, Nick Webb, Samuel Peralta, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Michael Grumley, Evan Currie, Autumn Kalquist, Jay Allan, Darren Wearmouth, Joshua Dalzelle, and the whole team at DSF.

“You’ll be receiving weekly emails from us, each week a new inside-look article from one of our top-selling authors, along with new book deals, discounted and free book offers not found anywhere else. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time. 

“And, if you want to tell people about our new project, we’d really appreciate it–just send them to our website.”

I’m personally very glad to see a group of authors get together and take charge of their futures—it’s happening more and more

The only question I have about their site is, when will there be more than just the sign-up page :-)

I really can’t complain—they’re probably real busy getting all the internal goodies ready—I already have a free e-book—more will undoubtedly be revealed in future emails from them

But, there is their blog and, I really should mention, if you sign-up for the newsletter and claim your free e-book, you’re also entered in their $100,000 GiveAway which includes, at least, a bunch of signed copies of their books and will be held on the 28th of February

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