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Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo

Today’s re-blog might seem like it’s for teachers only…

Nope — most of the ten tips will work just as well for your friend or neighbor :-)

Nerdy Book Club

A child comes up to you, hope in her eyes. She asks the one single question that has the power to strike simultaneous excitement and fear in a teacher, parent, or librarian- “Can you recommend a good book for me?”

We know our students, children, and the books we have on the bookshelves. So what are we worried about? We worry that we will get it wrong. We worry that we will let down a reader. We want to make that divine match, the one that will create a lifelong, passionate reader, so badly that we put a ton of pressure on ourselves.

But never fear! Over the years, we’ve generated a list of strategies that help us match books to readers. When one strategy doesn’t work, we try a different one.

  1. “The Investigation” – Get ready to do some detective work! Ask, “What’s the last book that you enjoyed?”…

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2 responses to “Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo

  1. juliecround January 29, 2016 at 4:01 am

    I made the mistake of offering a teenager the books I felt were suitable for his age group but they were all classics. I chose adventure stories like ‘Treasure island ‘ and Sci – fi like “Brave new World’ and ‘the Time Machine.’but I am so out of date with the kind of reading youngsters do now that it took his father to tell me about new, modern authors who capture the imagination from the first sentence. I feel he’s missing out – but that’s being a grandparent for you!


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