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Publishing 101 with BJ Muntain

Regular readers know I’m a bit partial to self-publishing; but, today’s re-blog is a very good introduction to Traditional Publishing :-)

Kelsey J. Mills

This week I asked my good friend BJ Muntain to come in and share a bit of her experience in the publishing world with you all! Since BJ has a wealth of great knowledge, her guest post will be in two parts, shared this week and next week. Hope you enjoy!

Publishing 101 

with BJ Muntain 

I recently read a blog post about a query service, on Janet Reid’s excellent publishing industry blog, and I had a huge Aha! moment.

People just starting out don’t know enough about the publishing industry, so they are easy prey for such ‘services.’ Unfortunately, the only thing these services are able to do is take a writer’s money.

The one thing to keep in mind is, the number one rule of dealing with the publishing industry is the adage known as ‘Yog’s Law’: The money flows TO the writer.

I’m not…

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