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How should you credit your editor? Advice from a former publisher

Yesterday was RozFest here on my blog :-)

Today is a re-blog from Ms. Morris with info I’ve never seen before; and, believe me, I’m always out there looking for info for this blog…

Nail Your Novel

Celeste_Holm_and_Oscar_from_Gentleman's_Agreement_trailerShould your editor be credited as a contributor to your book? What about your proof reader, copy editor? And where should you credit them?

Long ago, I ran an editorial department in a small publisher, so I thought it might help to give some guidelines.

Here’s my post about front matter, which explains all the fiddly stuff like title pages, half-titles, contents pages and so on. Today, I’ll concentrate on those editorial people you’d like to thank. And indeed, whether they would be better not mentioned at all.


If the book is a collection of curated material, eg short stories, poems or essays, it’s usual to credit the person who put it all together. Put it on the main title page, the cover and the spine – eg ‘edited by Roz Morris’. That would also go in the ‘main contributor’ section of the book’s official listing on KDP…

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5 responses to “How should you credit your editor? Advice from a former publisher

  1. dgkaye January 27, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    Thanks for sharing this Alex. I may think about taking out my editors name on my book pages. :)


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