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The triumph of the linguistic free market

Today’s re-blog reinforces the valuable adage that writing has no “rules” and also explores why some folks think it does :-)

Stroppy Editor

The Idler’s annual Bad Grammar Awards are not about ridiculing grocers. They are about promoting the public discussion of grammar and, perhaps more importantly, exposing cant and humbug.

This is a noble aim and I am proud to support it.

By chance, I myself noticed a fine dose of cant and humbug the other day, in the Idler’s announcement of its Bad Grammar Awards.

It singles out Oliver Kamm’s “utilitarian approach to grammar”, saying:

He reckons that if a mistake is made enough times, then it is no longer a mistake. We don’t agree: we reckon grammar is more like the law. There is a set of agreed rules but the rules change over time. Both are based on a principle: with the Law the principle is fairness; with grammar the principle is clarity. We need a common language in order to be able to communicate.

Grammar – and, like…

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