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#DIY #MFA and You Don’t Pay :-)

Back in October of last year, I published the post, ”I Don’t Have to Pay for an MFA in Creative Writing ?“.

diyMFA - Do It Yourself MFA

Click the Image to Enter the Do It Yourself Master in Fine Arts (creative writing) Site

In that post, I said:

“Just in case you don’t know what an MFA is, it’s a Master of Fine Arts degree and, according to one source, it can cost $US 13,800 in a public institution or $US 36,300 at a private school.”

Today I received an email from the Founder of DIY MFA, Gabriela Pereira, in which she said:

“Today I want to tackle a tricky topic: writing in a vacuum. How do you know if you’re doing it? And if you are, how do you solve this problem? This week I discuss this question and others with the amazing Kirsten Oliphant on her fabulous podcast: Create If Writing.”
“Writing in a vacuum boils down to two related problems:

“Writing without context for your work
“Writing in isolation”

Then, she let me know that her flagship course DIY MFA 101 will be closing sign-ups very soon ’cause it starts on Monday, Jan. 18th

You Can Register for DIY MFA 101 Right Here

Here’s a brief description:

This 9-week program includes seven workshops, full-to-the-brim with material to help you write more, write better, write smarter. You’ll also get weekly group discussion calls with Gabriela so you can connect with other writers in the class and get your questions answered. Plus, we’ve baked in two review weeks so you can catch up on any material you missed and put everything you learned into action.

Go Here for More Info on the DIY MFA 101

But if you’re not the type to take courses or you can’t spare the money, Gabriela has a ton of stuff to help writers for free on her DIY MFA SiteAnd, the “You Don’t Pay”, in the title of this post, referred to an actual MFA (which gives you the right to teach writing), not Gabriela’s course :-)

Edit: after I published this, Gabriela sent me an email… Let me share a bit of what she said:

“Once upon a time, an MFA degree might have been sufficient for a writer to teach writing at the college level, but these days, even with an MFA degree many writers struggle to find teaching jobs. With so many MFA programs producing excellent graduates and so few teaching positions, it’s virtually impossible to get a teaching job. In fact, writers with MFAs often have to fight hard just to get adjunct positions (i.e. non-tenured) and they usually end up teaching writing composition to freshmen, instead of a coveted MFA workshop that they once envisioned for themselves.
“On the flip side, I’ve also seen many writers teach at prestigious MFA programs and they do not have MFA degrees themselves. (In fact, I’m not sure any of my own professors in the MFA program had MFA degrees, believe it or not.) Instead, what really seems to matter for these high-end schools are publication credits and whether an author is well-respected in their niche. So not only does the MFA not give you a leg-up in acquiring a teaching gig, it’s actually not even necessary.”

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