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The Life-Changing Nature of Writing a Book

I recently wrote about a relatively new place for writers and readers to mingle—MediumKirsten Shaw - Author

I’ve been scanning it daily (as I do other sources of potential material for this blog…) and I have many bookmarked articles to share with you

However, the other day, one article jumped ahead of the others—How My Life Changed When I Started Writing My Book.

It was written by Kirsten Shaw.

Here’s a bit of bio from her site, Kirsten Inc:

“Kirsten Shaw is an independent marketing specialist based in San Francisco, California. She offers full suite marketing services to small businesses and agencies that share her passion for high-quality content and integrity-driven human connections.”

And, here’s a snippet from her other site, My Salt Daddy:

“my salt daddy is the uncensored creative project of kirsten shaw, a 28 year old freelance marketer and san francisco transplant. It’s an exploration of the humorous, heartbreaking, annoying, and irreplaceable experiences of living with a real life man in the 21st century (among other musings).”

So, introductions over, let’s look at just a few excerpts from Kirsten’s article on Medium:

“I’m one of those people that used to say, ‘I’ll write a book… one day.’”

“And so I’ve been on this journey, one baby step at a time.”

“In a nutshell, my life has completely changed since I committed myself to writing this book. Here’s how.”

“It feels like I’m coming alive again.”

“I’m bolder in how I show up in the world.”

“It seems the universe is meeting me halfway.”

“What will happen with my book? Will a major publishing house pick it up, will people read it, will anyone like it? It doesn’t matter. I’ve already gotten back tenfold what I put into it.”

So, if you’re one of those folk who’s said they’d write a book—one day—do, please, go read Kirsten’s full article—How My Life Changed When I Started Writing My Book.
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