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Daily Archives: December 25, 2015

The Gift of Reading

December 25th, for many people, is a time of gift-giving… WorldReader

It seems most folks who give gifts on this day give them to family and friends

Some take the time, and in some cases sacrifice a bit of money, to give gifts to people they don’t know

I came across an article in The Bookseller called ‘Data-light’ in the deep field with Worldreader.

It’s by Danielle Zacarius, director of content and publisher relations with Worldreader.

There are many reasons I’d encourage you to read that article; but, if you don’t, please try just one thing.

If you have a mobile phone, go to your browser and open to see what over a million people in 69 countries use to receive the gift of reading.

You can also find out why those people in all those countries consider Worldreader as a gift-giver with certain apps:

“Worldreader Mobile is a single place to discover, read, and collect free e-books in a variety of languages, from different parts of the world. Find storybooks to read to your children, access textbooks to help you with your assignments, or look up important health information you’ve been curious about. Worldreader Mobile is available on any internet-enabled mobile phone, including on the simplest feature phones.”

If you glance back up at the image of the world (click it to see a larger map), notice that the light blue countries are where Worldreader mobile is available; and, the dark blue countries also have access to the mobile site but, in addition, have the bounty of e-readers full of books (given away by Worldreader)

I’ve talked about Worldreader before on this blog and I hope you take that last link—if not, try the Worldreader blog

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