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Finding a Way to Be

Today’s re-blog is from a Nonfiction blog…

Wonderful essay about a “writer” wanting to be an “author” :-)

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Sandra Miller Sandra A. Miller (photo by Miranda Loud)

By Sandra A. Miller

As a writer I struggle with the verb to be, less a grammatical concern than an issue of presence, of being. But I want to forget about being for a quick moment—we will come back to it—and talk about the things I am as a writer. They are:

  • Industrious. (Thank you caffeine and fear of failure.)
  • Pretty good. (Well, good enough that reputable publications regularly accept my work.)

Here is what I want to be:

  • An author.

Like so many of us toiling away in the ever-shifting literary landscape, I have always believed that to be a real writer, you must have a book deal. I don’t have a book deal yet, so am I a real writer? Will I ever be a real writer? Ach! This always happens when I switch tenses. I become less present and…

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