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Daily Archives: December 10, 2015

When You Feel Like Quitting… Consider This

Even if you’ve read all about perseverance and never quitting, take a few moments to read today’s re-blog—it has a refreshingly new twist to reveal about why you should push on :-)

Live to Write - Write to Live

You work hard toward your writing and business goals.

You spend time on the big picture and getting daily tasks done.

You make strides, you celebrate milestones, and you continue working and building your dream.

But there are hiccups and stumbles along the way.

And sometimes, whether it’s a bad day, a tough client, a technology snafu, or some other “last straw,” you might think about quitting and walking away.

Success isn’t always a breeze — if it was easy, everyone would succeed at whatever they tried. Success takes works.

If (or when) you find yourself thinking about quitting and moving onto something different, think about why you started.

Go back to the spark. What was it that started you on your current path? Take some time to remember how it felt, how inspired and fired up you were. Remembering that first spark might help you refocus and keep moving…

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