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Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

Is There Such a Thing as Reading Too Many Books?

I have 10 books on my desk—research for what I think might be my next book

I have at least 3 important unread books on my Kindle Tablet

I’ll more than likely read all of those books… 

Reading Your Way Around The World

Image Courtesy of Antony Ruggiero ~

sometime during or after I read the 67 books stacked up in my Wattpad To Be Read List

But, I don’t have a schedule for all this reading—no time when I must have it done.

However, back in January, I wrote the post Reading Your Way Around The World, about blogger and journalist Ann Morgan, who read 197 books—one from each UN recognized nation, plus Taiwan.

And, she did it in one year

Here’s the math—one book within each 1 day, 20 hours, and 28 minutes—with a bit of sleep, I hope

By the way, my answer to the question posed in the title of this post is, “No.”.

To build up to a video of Ann talking about her literary accomplishment, I’ll share a few excerpts from that past post (all quotes from an interview with Ann):

“Getting works in English from every country was a big challenge, as was finding the time to read and blog about four books a week. Luckily, the world’s book lovers were very generous with helping me research and find the titles I needed.”

And, a bit about what the experience taught her:

“I think the most powerful thing about the experience as how it made the world real to me. Over the year, the list of countries that had felt rather distant and mysterious at the start of the year became vivid and characterful.”

And, something even better:

“It was a lesson that even in our conflict-riven world, people can come together across cultural boundaries and stories can play a big part in that.”

And, just before the video, here are her 10 favorite reads from around the world:

  • Albania – Ismail Kadare Broken April
  • Canada – Nicole Brossard Mauve Desert
  • Czech Republic – Bohumil Hrabal Too Loud a Solitude
  • Mongolia – Galsan Tschinag The Blue Sky
  • Myanmar – Nu Nu Yi Smile as they Bow
  • Pakistan – Jamil Ahmad The Wandering Falcon
  • Serbia – Srdjan Valjarevic Lake Como (limited availability)
  • Sierra Leone – Ismael Beah A Long Way Gone
  • Tajikistan – Andrei Volos Hurramabad
  • Togo – Tete-Michel Kpomassie An African in Greenland

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