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Free “World-Wide” Delivery of Books? ~ Twice Over :-)

Believe it or not, some folks think the only place to buy books is Amazon… 

Free World-Wide Delivery of Books

Image courtesy of wynand van niekerk ~

I mean, they do seem to discount books, right?


Sort of


I’ve bought a lot of e-books from Amazon because I own one of their Tablets and they make it so easy (it is possible and I do take advantage of loading e-books from other sources on my Tablet {especially Free ones…}…).

But then, there’s the whole thing about liking physical books; and, other things, like shipping & handling

My friend in Australia (half a world away {which is a shipping & handling issue} from U.S. & U.K. publishers) loves one particular online bookstore, Book Depository.

Yes, they have a very wide selection of physical books and Yes they have Free “World-Wide” Delivery—you can actually watch people buy books, too :-)

One small hitch—their delivery is free to all the countries they ship to

Still, it’s most of the world.

So, now I’m shouting out to my friend in Australia—“Hey, Jane!

“There’s another on-line bookstore that has Free ‘World-Wide’ Shipping—Wordery.”

Again, there are some places this bookstore doesn’t have free delivery to; but, you can see if your country is listed on this page…

I’m curious

Would Free “World-Wide”-Delivery turn your head toward these stores?
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