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Daily Archives: December 2, 2015

“Best Books” 2015

I’ve been in a heavy reading-mode since I’ve been engaging on Wattpad—the place to find authors you like before they become well-known…

Yes, there are some folks posting on Wattpad who are famous; but, the bulk of what’s there is “aspiring”.

Yes, my last two comments about Wattpad are crass generalizations; but, Wattpad is a complex place

GoodReads is also a complex place

For now, I’ll just say that GoodReads is the place for readers to discuss books and, because of that, find books they may want to read.

I guess the main difference between the two sites is that Wattpad is primarily “not-published-elsewhere” reading and GoodReads is “previously-published-elsewhere” reading.

Wattpad has a system for finding out what readers like best called The Wattys.

GoodReads has The Choice Awards.

So, if you want to read what a huge bunch of readers of “aspiring writing” liked, check out The Wattys.

And, if you want to read what a huge bunch of readers of “established writing” liked


I think I’ll list a few of GoodReads’ Choice Awards right here (fairly random choice):

Harper Lee ~ Go Set A Watchman

Neil Gaiman ~ Trigger Warning

Aziz Ansari ~ Modern Romance : An Investigation

Erik Larson ~ Dead Wake

And, just to be fair, I’ll list a few of the Wattys (random choice again):

@MelancholyMango ~ Misfit (Phan AU)

@LaDameBlanche ~ A Dark Imperfection

@ScarletteDrake ~ The Persistence of Memory

@Rhythmwithlove ~ Never Enough [LH]

Kinda cool the way Wattpad has the @ user names

Also, kinda cool that Wattpad has winners in all these categories:

Late Edit: Just found out about BEST MULTICULTURAL BOOKS OF 2015

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