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Very Short, Very Powerful Review of My Book on #Wattpad . . .

It was only 12 days ago that I published the post, Two Women Writers Convince Me to Experiment on Wattpad . . . Wattpad

I referenced an article on the Alliance of Independent Authors site that led to a video that’s at the end of that post ( a conversation between Orna Ross and Elizabeth S. Craig ); and, I indicated the two reasons I was going to do my WattpadExperiment:

“Authors don’t have to write serially, they just need to publish serially.”

“If you already have a free book, it makes sense to leverage it on Wattpad. Use it as a funnel to your other books.”

Naturally, you can (and many folks do) write serially and you don’t have to already have a free book laying around

So, I’ve posted the prologue and two chapters of Notes from An Alien and I have 70 “Reads” and 8 “Votes”—will post a new chapter every Wednesday (17 more chapters…)

I’m putting a note after every posting with a link back here—to the blog and the full book (and, of course, my other free stuff…).

So, the “experiment” was going fairly well and then………

I get this message from PAHughes:

“Picked this up and could not put it down. Astoundingly gripping , your words just dance on the page and every little bit comes to life. 

“I have downloaded a full copy of the book and will read it to the end. A brilliant book, well done sir.”


Sure didn’t see that one coming

So, I asked them if I could blog something about them and received this:

Name: Peter A Hughes

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Age: 20's

And, I’m Scottish on my mom’s side :-)

So, folks, check out Wattpad and go read some of Peter A Hughes stories

More updates on the WattpadExperiment soon………
Oh, I also, just the other day, started posting the poems from my book Is Your Soul In Here?—one each Friday :-) {that book is downloadable, free Here…}
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3 responses to “Very Short, Very Powerful Review of My Book on #Wattpad . . .

  1. philipparees November 16, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    Really Pleased for you Alexander. Every reader is precious, especially those who reach out and review or write. I feel somewhat tempted to try Wattpad.


  2. Alexander M Zoltai November 16, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    Well, Philippa, if you want to try Wattpad, I encourage you to read the first post I did about it and watch the video…

    Also, it’s looking like Wednesday I’ll have another post about Wattpad with all kinds of helpful links :-)


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