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Writers Need Feedback

Today’s re-blog is for Writers because they definitely need feedback; but, it’s also for Readers because they might just want to give feedback :-)

Scarborough Mysteries

As my second novel, The Art of Survival, goes to press, I want to pick up again, The Art of Breathing, the third in the series. I am privileged to be part of the vibrant writing community locally, and I had given my draft to three of my fellow writers. They are now coming back to me with comments, questions and possible solutions.

I believe that some writers, particularly perhaps novice writers, wait too long to ask for feedback on their work. I suspect this is due to a mix of fear and shame and becoming habituated at school/college to handing in our ‘best work’ to be ‘marked’. If I gave my ‘best work’ to my ‘first’ readers, I would find it very hard to listen to anything but praise. I want feedback when I’ve got to the point in my writing when I know I could make it better, but…

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2 responses to “Writers Need Feedback

  1. dgkaye November 9, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Good article. It’s important to have constructive criticism and beta readers can help a lot with structural issues. :)


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