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“Is Amazon Working to Kill Single Copy Ebook Sales?”

The quote I chose for the title of this post is from Mark Coker in an article on the Smashwords blog.

I’m bringing his article to the attention of any of my readers who are writers (or, have friends who are writers) and who might think that Amazon is the best place to sell their books

A few excerpts, beginning with the Setup:

“…Amazon quietly announced that because they’re pricing their Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service at $3.00 per month in India, authors will now earn less.”

“…back in March….I warned there was nothing stopping Amazon from waking up one day and deciding that their $9.99 subscription service should be priced at $3.00 instead.”

Kindle Unlimited is a service many authors want in on but they have to put their book in KDP Select first, which demands they not sell that book anywhere else

Mark commenting on his March warning:

“It’s an inevitable outcome when authors surrender full pricing and compensation control (via their KDP Select enrollment) to a company whose entire business model is predicated upon commoditizing and devaluing products by stripping suppliers of pricing control.”

“Kindle Unlimited is training readers to think that single-copy ebook purchases are too expensive.”

“Enjoy your single copy sales while they last.”

Check out the full article for more background on what Mark’s saying; but, do take to heart this last excerpt:

“As I’ve written previously, indie authors have the power to prevent this bleak future.  All they need to do is stop enrolling their books in KDP Select before it’s too late.  Spread the word.”

When I published this post, there were 63 comments after Mark’s article

One of the most interesting was this:

“The problem is, this harms ALL indie writers, not only those who are in KDP Select. Very ugly. But you nailed it when you said the problem is greed. The business model is greed on Amazon’s part, and the decision to enroll in KDP Select in the first place is greed on the part of short-sighted authors.”

Friday Bonus:

Check out this chilling report on Forbes about Amazon’s first physical book store………

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