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How To Fall In Love With Writing Again

Have you and your Muse had a falling-out?

There are ways to get the flames burning again…

And, do check out the Comments of today’s Re-blog for additional advice………

Courage 2 Create

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Cynthia Morris ofOriginal Impulse.

The writer looked up, bleary-eyed. The word ‘fin’ was imprinted on his vision. The end. It was done. His second draft. Complete.

A giant sigh surged up and whooshed out of him. ‘Ding’ his computer chimed.

In his inbox, the world pressed. “Call me!” “Let’s do that thing we talked about.” “Did you get my submission?”

He snapped to, the fuzzy edges of his writing buzz sharpening into focus on his to-do list. He hit ‘reply’ and re-entered the world.

Falling “Out of Love” With Writing

Sometimes the creative process can feel more like a slog than a joy ride. But no matter how long you’ve been working in your medium, you can still find ways to play, explore and enjoy a sense of fun in your creative work.

How can you bring more fun into…

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