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Language and the Refugee Crisis

A short but very sweet post today… 

I’m sure all of you (except, perhaps, those just returned from Neptune) have heard about the Refugee Crisis occurring across Europe.

Everyone with a political bent is debating—those with humanitarian concerns are hard at work

Germany has freely accepted the most refugees and may well end up welcoming over one million.

Every country accepting refugees faces the obligations entailed in helping them adapt to their new environment.

I was extremely happy to see an article in Publishing PerspectivesGerman Book Trade Says #RefugeesWelcome.

Here are just a few excerpts:

“German Publishers Langenscheidt and Reise Know-How have…made their vocabulary books and audiobooks available for free to those who work with asylum-seekers…”

“The German Publishers and Booksellers Association, the Frankfurt Book Fair and LitCam are also rallying together… The goal is to provide language-learning and educational centers in facilities close to refugee accommodations.”

“…the Frankfurt Book Fair is allowing free entry into the fair for refugees.”

My hat is off to the German Book-World for their efforts to support displaced members of our Human Family
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2 responses to “Language and the Refugee Crisis

  1. Martina Sevecke-Pohlen September 26, 2015 at 8:06 am

    At the moment, the official position (apart from the CSU, the Bavarian sister Party of Angela Merkel’s CDU – read C for Christian) is to welcome refugees from the “right” countries. People from Serbia, Kosovo, Albania are definitely not welcome, although the majority belongs to an ethnic minority that is systematically discriminated against. Angela Merkel is talking about “a welcoming culture”, depending on the goodwill and energy of voluntary helpers. Those helpers are often derised as “goodpeople” (Gutmenschen). Lots of Germans are worried about the masses of people coming into the country. They feel threatened by so many refugees and deceived by the government. Facebook is a source of the strangest theories. Almost every week, houses prepared for refugees are burned down. It’s a miracle that nobody was injured or killed. And yes, sometimes I’m afraid what will happen should Angela Merkel one day feel less welcoming.

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    • Alexander M Zoltai September 26, 2015 at 1:44 pm

      Thank you, Martina, for the Other-Side of the story…

      And, your “wake-up call” makes me even happier about what the various Book-World entities are doing………

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