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Why I Try Not to Take My Writing Too Seriously

Isn’t being a writer a “serious” thing?

Read today’s Re-blog and you’ll have much to ponder…

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1151807_to_doThere is SO much that goes into trying to make a career as an author. In my case,  which I doubt is unique, there’s:

  • Blogging and promoting my blog
  • Deciding whether I want to seek an agent or continue to self-publish
  • I think I want to find an agent, so I have to make time to do that
  • Writing and editing, of course
  • Social media and getting my work out there (see “promoting” above, which I’m doing an awful job at currently)
  • Balancing getting older projects in shape (I want to rerelease my trilogy with superior and tighter second editions) vs starting new ones
  • Making sure I keep enough time for the more important stuff

It easily becomes overwhelming and exhausting and just plain daunting, seemingly impossible, when I take it and myself too seriously.

That’s why I try not to. I love Chesterton’s claim that, “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered…

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