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Write! (You Know You Wanna)

Yesterday, I blogged about children’s books for adults…

Today, I’m Re-blogging about writing picture-books for kids :-)

Nerdy Book Club

It took quite a while for me to identify myself as a writer. Until only recently, and despite enough picture book manuscripts to wallpaper the moon, I would gloss over my writer-ness, opting instead for “former visual effects artist,” “mom,” or “sandwich maker” which I’d throw in just to see the reaction. I waited until my first book was published as if it was some sort of balloon drop complete with an official “I’m a Writer” hat.

So now, with one book out and a couple on the way, I do tell people I’m a writer and I get a rich variety of reactions. They usually go as follows:

Reaction #1: “I’m sorry.” Which is accompanied by the expression one gives to an orphaned kitten.

Reaction #2: To my husband “I’m sorry.”

Reaction #3: “I’m a writer, too! Let’s talk about how many projects we’ve left unfinished.”

Reaction #4: “I’ve…

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