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Top 20 Posts and Pages for Readers, Writers, and Publishers

I should modify the title of this post with the words, “during the lifetime of this blog”. Top 20 Posts and Pages

I can’t even imagine the top 20 posts and pages for the whole blogosphere

This blog I can track.

Though, the meaningfulness of my Top 20 is not easy to know

Who are the people who’ve visited this blog—are they all somewhat alike—do they all have more than one thing in common—could they be called a distinguishable group?

I may never know, though they have tended to pick certain posts and pages over others

For instance, in the list below, Alexander M Zoltai ~ The Author of This Blog, is  my “About Page” and I do know that’s one of the most visited spots on most any blog—folks want to know who’s behind the words.

So, while the other Top Posts and Pages can’t be easily attributed to some common human concern, I hope they, at least, are worth your while as spaces to explore

(The numbers are the times visited since January, 2011…)

Alexander M Zoltai ~ The Author of This Blog 5,111
Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story… 2,074
* The Book ~ Notes from An Alien 1,513
Free Software for Writers . . . 958
Why Do Certain People Become Writers? 855
What’s The “Best” Way To Learn “Proper” Grammar? 712
Are Fiction Writers Capable of Freelancing? 631
The Danger of A Single Story 572
Diagramming Sentences ~ A Lost Art? 549
* Behind The Scenes . . . 535
What Are Words ? {Look up, a bit, on the left sidebar for this Free Essay} 461
What’s The Relationship Between A Writer & Their Characters? 450
Writing ~ Is It A Craft or An Art? 438
Do Creative Writers Have Social “Responsibilities”? 380
Are You A Fast Study or Slow Learner? ~ It Can Definitely Depend On The Subject And On Your MOOD! 360
* Our Author Interviews 356
Must Writers Suffer Melancholy, Anguish, and Depression? 352
Are Writers Doomed To Be Isolated And Lonely? 346
Free Book of Poetry 324
What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies? 298

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